The first idea I would like to talk about is we need to change our education system. We live in an age of transition, going through fascinating and expeditious technology. We are connected globally in a second, but we are still going to schools in the same old fashion. We are even taking exams in the same way as before, with almost the same theoretical subject with mild changes. We need to define more variable job positions for the future, and based on our prediction, we must change our education system. Even though we are not yet there, in the future world that everything is running by human thoughts and not any more manual labors, we should worry about how gradually prepare for the future. We should inspire students with creativity to create a generation that will survive in the future. For instance, we have to introduce practical industry needed courses to the student from early ages rather than teaching them only theoretical lessons till their senior years in University. We are also witnessing many students who deal with ADHD these days; based on research, only 5% graduate from universities. As Ken Robinson said, a modern ADHD epidemic is fiction; we will have more kids with more attention problems. Because as fast as we are moving through technology, we are still feeding our kids the same old information in a boring way.

The second idea I would like to talk about is our social dilemma. The CEO of the Center for Humane Technology, Tristan Harris, said that we need to create platforms to stop big social companies from using our data against us and see us as products. We need to fight to create more regulations to stop enormous social media creators from making money from having our data, predicting our next movements without informing us. They polarize our society more and more and feed us wrong information carelessly and conspiracy in our favor to not lose their products.

My third idea is, having job hiring systems that care about humans as unique characters. We do not need to memorize job interviews and be someone else to pass interviews and get jobs. In modern society, we always try to unify all characters and define an acceptable model in our community, work environment, that for succeeding subconsciously; we need to be that model. We are going through so much stress because to be that imaginary model, and we have to compete in the wrong way and have a high percentage of employees who do not enjoy their careers. We need to create a culture in work environments to inspire people to be themselves and even use their weaknesses to succeed in their jobs. If we have satisfied and pleased employees, industry and job owners will benefit much more.

My goal is to be part of making changes in our education system, even though small. As a thought leader, I want to be known as a person who went through all these experiences, worked hard, did more research, and informed more people to be concerned about their kids’ education. I am inspired by any idea that could make our society better and closer to our ideal world with more happy unique people. As a leader, I am creative with an idealistic mindset. To feel fulfilled, I need to use my creativity in trying to solve our social problems.

“What if nothing exists and we’re all in somebody’s dream?”